UPM International Sdn. Bhd. Subsidiary of UPMHoldings was incorporated in 9 August 2011 as the provides services and requirements for international students. UPM International has managed to provide good service and help students to adapt to the community and the campus environment.

UPM International Sdn Bhd supports the university's mission to become a university of international repute. Our functions are:


  • To manage and administer the University's strategic agenda for internationalisation
  • To plan, implement and monitor support service activities for international scholars and students.
  • To plan the centre's international marketing and promotional strategies to sustain its image in the international arena
  • To be the coordinator and mediator in strengthening the university's international linkages
  • To plan strategies to obtain, manage and build good relationships with international students and officials, as well as with internationally renown universities
  • To develop strategies for solidifying high-impact international activities and monitoring its implementation
  • To be the one-stop centre for information on the university's international activities